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California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA — Bachelor Fine Arts, Ceramics



Opening owner & operations manager for Richmond House Clay

Studio Manager and lead instructor for Artillery Ceramics

Studio operations consultant for Adobe ceramics studio in Minnesota Street Projects


Lead instructor for Artillery Ceramics

Events consultant and lead Instructor for ClayRoomSF

Studio Assistant to Artist,  Nancy Selvin                                                                                                                            

general studio practices, repairing works of art, assisting with class projects, setting up lectures

Studio assistant to Artist, Daniel Dallibria                                                                                                              

General studio practices, helping with installation of work, technical ceramic advisor

Watershed Center for the Arts, Artist Summer Fellowship
Unanimously nominated by California College of the Arts Faculty to participate in a sponsored fellowship at the 

Installation Assistant, Anderson Ranch Alumni Exhibition at NCECA                                                                            
Assisted in preparation, engineering, and install of showcased pieces at NCECA

Ceramic Technician, Panama Pottery Ceramic Factory                                                                                            
General studio practices, clay processing, large(bee hive) gas kiln firing

Collaborative work with artist Glen Taki                                                                                                                                  
Collaborated on works of art both independent and commissioned

Introductory Ceramic Instructor at Sacramento High School                                                                                      
Led an introductory High school ceramics class for two semesters

Instructor, Glazes and Kiln Technician at the Playful Potter                                                                      
General studio practices, repairing works of art, assisting with class projects, instruction in basic painting skills


2020     Spell of the Senses

2020     Root Divisions's Anual "Taste"

2018     I Promise We Will Sing About You, College Ave. Gallery 
2016     NCECA, Across the Table, Across the Land
2015     Rocks Soap Silica,  Ceramics Exhibition
2015     California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art, CCA Exhibition
2014     New look exhibition show
2012     Sacramento city college sculpture show
2009     Brick House Gallery
2006     Friends of special children silent auction
2005     La Bousoule, Solo Exhibition

2016         Watershed Center for the Arts, Artist Summer Fellowship
2010-11   Resident artist at Panama Pottery Ceramic Factory
2009         Resident artist at Brick House Gallery

2016      Watershed Center for the Arts, Artist Summer Fellowship
2015      CCA Scholarship
2014      CCA  Scholarship
2012      Honorable mention in Sacramento City College Sculpture Award Competition

Special Projects       
2015       Viola Frey Research with the American Legacy Foundation
2015       Oikonos, Año Nuevo Design Team (Organized by Nathan Lynch)
2015       Grow the Mind Project Collaboration with the Oakland Public

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